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RG Presents: Bloom This Way! Coming soon... registration will open in October... and the big day is Dec 2! 



Here's info from past RG Presents!

We are bringing all the fun and excitement of our tours directly to YOU online! Join Richard Garay "RG" and the Journey Crew LIVE Saturday, May 6th on our YouTube Channel. You can be among the first to play with products from the upcoming Project Me Collection - a collection that will launch in the July 2017-2018 catalog. You'll create four projects with RG, and learn new techniques along the way.
The video link will be private. You must register to participate.
$75 Early Bird (March 27-April 10), $99 Regular price (April 11-April 17)


Register for this virtual event by pre-ordering the RG Presents: Project Me Bundle BD-0245. The bundle includes:
RG Presents Project Me Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

SS-0447 Too Cute! Stamp Set

PP-0043 Project Me Prints

AT-0238 Share Stories ATS

AC-0278 Project Me Clips

DI-0278 Film Frame Die

Join Richard and the Journey Crew, as they create 4 cards with with you! The show is live on March 25 via a special link on YouTube only ...the people who have purchased this bundle will be able to see the whole show which will include: special demos & instructions on how to create the four cards!
In your bundle you received two small stamps(Jelly Fish included) to large sets, and a 6 x 6 pad of paper, 24 sheets of gorgeous printed card stock!!! 🐟🐠🦐 You will also receive your four card kits... which consist of everything you need to make the four cards including embellishments and anything that is die cut is already Die cut for you!
Early Bird Registration is $75 and regular registration is $99!
Bundle: BD-0235 RG Presents

I will be at all the shows and would love for you to join me!
For more info visit:www.funstampersjourney.com/12