Saturday, June 7, 2008

Many of my friends know that I have been using YoungLiving Essential oils and the following pretty much sums up what attracts me to them. I use at least 4 to 8 oils everyday... and I am happier and healthier for it!

About 10 years ago Gary Young shared some of his first experiences when he brought back from Europe 13 oils to do research in his clinic....he, like all of us, didn't know much about Essential he used these 13 oils with his patients, he could see some very positive things happening with the blood and increased oxygen to the body.

Back at this time he was unable to walk without severe pain in his legs....due to his accident years night he came home from his clinic....very tired and weak and in a lot of pain....he filled the tub with hot water so he could soak.....then afterwards he used the oils on him for the first time....rubbing on his legs, back and hips.....he said he just rubbed them all over him....not really knowing what they really were or what would happen.

The next morning he woke without much pain (he felt that it was due to the hot bath....he did not give credit at that time to the oils) and he walked to work.....then walked a mile further and back to work.....That was further than he had ever walked since the accident that left him crippled.....He continued to use the oils and studied the chemistry.....then later he was able to run in competition marathon and took 60 place out of 970 people.

He told us the reason we have the blend was the first blend he created and it is the same formula that we have today. One of his patients was dying of Lupus and his lungs were full of cancer.(The Medical Doctors had given him only 6 weeks to live...and the Medical people had given up....and at last resort they came to Gary Young) The 'spouse' came to him and said what can you do to help him....."I heard you have some Essential Oils that you are testing"......Gary said ....'yes, we are only doing research right now'.....The wife just begged him to try them on him........he said he studied the chemistry of the oils then through 'prayer' he put together RC.

They built a 'tent' over the man and diffused RC for 21 hours.....not really knowing if it would work or not....then the man started coughing up from his lungs Hugh black and brown 'patches' of tissue.....they worked with him for hours keeping his airways open.....and when he had finish his coughing....they cleaned him up.... ran tests on his lungs.....there was no sign of Lupus or Cancer....he went home 7 days later cancer free.

So you see, we all have to learn.....Gary has paved the way and is continually researching for better ways to heal our bodies....without drugs and chemicals.

We truly are on the cutting edge of REAL medical breakthroughs.....and for the most part no one knows anything about it.