Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Tea!

"We live in a toxic world...we ingest, breathe and absorb toxins daily. We have a product that assists our bodies in eliminating these daily toxins as well as the accumulated toxins from the past. The tea is not just for weight loss...though... many are very fortunate to experience weight loss. Holy Tea is the perfect foundation for anyone's health regimen. This simple, daily tea will cleanse your system so your body can function more naturally and absorb and utilize all nutrients at a higher level. Enjoy a happier, healthier you"....Barbara Arbster

I have been drinking Holy Tea since February I think... and what I have noticed is my hair grows faster and my skin is prettier! My hair and skin have become much softer and more smooth everywhere! And here is the main reason I drink it on a daily basis: I am very regular if you know what I mean... and I feel less guilty when I eat junk food.. like chips or cookies! ;-0 Some people are concerned about the taste... well it actually doesn't taste like anything! You drink it cold, so it is refreshing! Click here and it will take you to my Holy Tea Website! Have a cup and enjoy!
xx rose