Monday, October 6, 2008

Oct Funstampers Demonstrators Meeting

The first Monday of every month we get together with our upline Richard, for a potluck dinner, trades and lots of kudos from Richard! He makes everyone little gifts for participation, top sales for the month, birthdays... all kinds of things. We are lucky to have such a generous and caring upline. I thought I would share some pictures with you of tonight's meeting! Enjoy...and if you see your picture... post a comment!!!
Here's Richard with a sweet little gift bag that he brought for all of us to make!

This is Linda, she is just adorable ... and check out her cute little bat...this was her trade for the night!

Next we have one of the gifts I received from Richard,... this was for top sales in August... congrats also to Gabby and Raquel! Raquel is our most awesome sales person...she brings in the most sales pretty much every month!

And drum roll is Terry making our evening make-n-take... and look at that smile on her face even though she had to share her scissors and sticky-tape with me and Diane! Thanks Terry... you are so generous!