Thursday, February 26, 2009

Support Teachers Wear Pink on March 13th

Fight "Pink Slips," Stand Up For Schools
Join colleagues, parents, friends and community members and Stand Up For Schools on March 13, the deadline for teacher layoff notices from school districts. Thousands of educators are expected to receive pink slips -- or Reduction in Force (RIF) notices -- this year. In fact, 15,495 pink slips have already been issued!

This is my art site... but I want you all to know that I am concerned about our children's future... and I want everyone to know how the states budget is affecting our schools. And of course I am worried about my job and my friends/co-worker's jobs! Please support us and wear pink on March 13, 2009
Find out more from the Pink Friday website!

State Budget Hands Schools Single, Biggest Cut Ever and Will Impact an Entire Generation of Students
CTA President David A. Sanchez Released the Following Statement:

February 19, 2009

“While we may be in the midst of uncertain economic times, what is certain is how the state’s adopted education cuts of more than $11 billion will play out in our schools, colleges and universities. Class sizes will increase, thousands of educators will be laid off, critical student programs will be eliminated, and qualified students will be turned away from a higher education. These cuts will impact an entire generation of children and escalate California’s race to the bottom in education funding.

“It’s good that a budget was passed, but let’s be clear, K-12 schools will be taking more than 50 percent of the adopted cuts. This is the largest single budget cut ever to public education in California. Our universities are also taking a 10 percent cut, forcing another hike in student fees, and making it difficult for many students to afford tuition. These cuts send the wrong message to our students, their parents, our communities, and our country. An investment in our children’s future now will make sure they prosper in the future. Read more click here