Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Please join A Window Between Worlds in celebrating 18 years of remarkable service by participating in a special art project for this year’s Art in the Afternoon on May 3rd. The theme for this joyous family event is “Strength Through Change.” Is there something you have learned as a survivor that has made you stronger, makes you laugh or keeps you going? What helps you keep your balance every day? What lesson do you live by? We’re asking all you survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault to examine your own growth and share with everyone who attends some bit of wisdom, insight, change or even humor you embrace and create a unique Life Lessons art postcard. Use any media you like on one side of a 4" x 6" card, and then pop it in the mail to Windows by April 20th.
Lessons PP
710 4th Ave. #5
Venice, CA 90291
Deadline: April 20th
Postcards may be signed or can be anonymous. If you have friends you would like to invite to participate, please share this email with them. Work will be mounted for display at Art in the Afternoon on May 3rd. Call Trini with any questions or for more information at 310-396-0317.