Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Help me Support A Window Between Worlds

Some of you may know that I grew up in a home where domestic violence happened on a daily basis... some you may not know this.

I invite you right now to check out my First Giving Page and find out more... find out why I support this amazing non-profit~ A Window Between Worlds. They are making a difference on a daily basis in the lives of women and children escaping domestic violence. They use art in a powerful way to assist survivors to heal from the trauma they experienced living with domestic violence.

You can also make some of their wishes come true at this special site Make the Difference Network

The tree above I created for a special art exhibit called Family Trees that tells our story... the leaves represent my siblings and my boyfriend... each of us made a leaf for past, present and future... then I created the tree for them to live on!

The Releasing Tree


I cry blue crystal tears
Across the red scarlet leaves
Tears releasing the raw pain
And deep, deep sorrow for
The Ravaged childhood of
My siblings and mine.

Ravaged by a man
Who didn’t understand how
Precious the heart of a child
He didn’t know how deep
The scars he inflicted would go.
Hurting us over the decades.

I cry blue crystal tears for all
The precious children
Being hurt, even now, as you read
By someone who “loves” them.

Each of us has made it
In our own way
Sometimes struggling
Sometimes triumphantly
But here we are…

Still the past has a hold
Over us, under us, around us
The violence affects
Everything we do...
Even when we deny it
Even when we think
We are over it
Even when we are.

We plan, we strategize
We set goals
We realize we are powerless
We grow old gracefully
As our tree releases the pain.

You are welcome to see the whole exhibit online HERE