Friday, November 14, 2014

Festive Freebie!

Have you ordered from my website lately? Well now's the best time because you will receive this lovely pack of festive paper with every $50 order! Our 12x12 printed paper is awesome for any Christmas creations you are working on! We were in Carson last weekend and we had the coolest make-n-take ever... an amazing Christmas wreath using cake rounds and 6x6 squares, 5x5 squares and about a yard of tulle! Email me for the directions and I can send them to you!
I have included pictures from Carson of our friends in California rolling up cones and making the wreath... which by the way was the most popular make-n-take there!

 Look how cool all the kits look on the cart.... 100 of them gone, gone, gone by Sunday at 11.... if we had just let people buy them on Saturday we would have been empty by noon!

This picture isn't the best because of the light coming from behind, but the wreath was gorgeous, thanks to our in-house designer Kim Kesti!
Whoo hoo there's Florintina making her wreath!
A whole table of cone rollers!

And look who came to visit me in Carson... Alex and Mayra! Some of my Bliss Roadies... don't you love their green t-shirts!
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