Thursday, June 25, 2015

Convention Pics

So many fun memories from Convention! We had our professional photographer on hand, Maggie from... Mag Pie Photography... check out her page..she is incredible! She took all kinds of photos at convention and we received the fun link in our newsletter recently ... but I just went in there to view everything and to my surprise...there are lots of my team and of me! What fun!
 Corey with his "Corey Bag", so spoiled ...he got his own bag and it ended up being named after him! So cute! And do you see our CEO Greg Tipsord, photo bombing us lol!
I am holding the tubes of paint because I am wildly excited about our new Journey Media line... I have been a fan of stencils for like 5 years now...and now... we have our very own collection of paints, mediums, stencils, color splashes, paint brushes... I am over the top excited! In July stay tuned ... we will have an opportunity to take some classes and get bundles of the Journey Media product, Whoo hoo! Check back here or on my business FB page for all the details!

look how cool!!!!
Check out the display from Convention... all those book letters are painted, splashed, stenciled and so cool!
We had an awards night and everyone dressed up! What fun! Dancing, eating with the right utensils and seeing everyone look gorgeous is always fun! The above picture is our President and co-founder Richard Garay and his lovely wife, Gabby Garay, they are all spruced up! Joining them is Nicole Westervelt, she's very gorgeous! Our VP of Marketing !
Richard telling stories about the out going leadership Team... too funny! We all received beautiful bouquets of flowers!
Way cool .. I won second place for recruiting ... how awesome is that!
 We had a fun photo-booth and Jill Walker and I sported some of the props!
Elena, me, Delaine, Nikki, & Kim!
awww my sweet friend Elena!
I am really not big on props but Maggie insisted lol
 I was blessed to have a lot of my team present... and I was able to meet these two lovelies from the East Coast: Cindy Bistrow and Misty Knot! They are both absolutely adorable!
Misty and Cindy... too cute!
 Here's a sweet picture of Corey and I ... he's very dashing in his bow tie!