Sunday, August 13, 2017

RG Hits The Road!

RG Hits the Road is an awesome event ... hosted by Leaders and Managers around the US... and RG.. our President and Co-founder comes and visits the meeting ... way cool right! What other companies President comes to visit your downline meeting ... coolest President ever! Lynn and I had mine back in April ... I didn't even post anything crazy me but this weekend I attended my downlines meeting in California. Nikki Turnour hosted hers in Glendora, and she is one of my Super Stars! 
Here is a super fun adorable pic I was able to take of her! Nikki organized the whole event with her team and some of the directs in California, they created the Make-n-takes and other folks from other sidelines and my self ... created the demos for the meeting!

Fun Stampers Journey started off way back in 2011 with the five of us and a few more folks ... from left to right: Rose (that's me), Gabby Hernandez, Lynn Leusch, Jill Walker, RG- Richard Garay, holding Andrea's baby Quinn, Andrea Mills, and Gabby Garay! So cool to have us all in one spot back together again!

Everyone was listening intently to RG share the Journey and his plans for the future for FSJ. He also answered all the usual questions about product, the website, & events etc. I was able to ask him what he message he wanted to Coaches to get... and I loved his answer: Coaches don't be afraid to share your Journey ... don't be afraid to share the Journey with everyone, be proud!  
I had a super fun time demoing the new Journey Gel Press and these are the cards I created to show off the beauty and fun of the Gel Press... all the cards have a background created with the Journey Gel Press!
This amazing cake was baked by Gabby H's daughter in-law...she's amazing with Carrot Cake!

The whole day was amazing, meeting Coaches in real life, seeing friends and spending time with my team! I am so blessed to be on this Journey with friends and loved ones... FSJ is everything to me! If you are looking for a community of crafters which is family even if your not on the same team... you have found your home! Fun Stampers Journey ... is the place to be! Come join us, on my team or any Coaches team!

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