Sunday, April 6, 2008

why holy tea

So why do I keep talking about this Holy Tea??? Cause it's soooooooo wonderful! I feel so cleaner on it! Well first of all... I feel better, my skin so amazingly soft, my hair is growing faster... weird, I know! & My skin is clear... and pretty if you don't mind me saying so! Plus for all the reasons listed below from my friend...!

So cool this Holy Tea stuff!!!!!!!

One interesting tip I thought I'd pass on to all of you is that
Dr. Bridget who gave the call mentioned she'd spoken with Dr. Miller a day
ago and he stated that although the cleansing of old fecal matter begins
right away, that it can take up to a year to totally clean out the
intestinal track. Every day you drink Holy Tea, you continue to break
down old toxic matter. So you simply keep getting better and healthier.

It was good to be reminded that whether you have dirty blood, or clean
blood, that bloods feeds and circulates to every cell in your body, even
into your brain.

If your friends say they have no problem with being regular, or they've
gone to the proctologist and he says: "You're all clean", all he's
looking at is about the first 6 feet of your large colon. He isn't
seeing multitude of feet in the small intestine. Also a colonoscopy
cannot and does not see parasites or minute bacteria in the colon. So
keep up the good work everyone and know that every day you get better
and better!