Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Window Between Worlds

I just returned from a lovely afternoon of creating flower shrinky dinks...with some awesome volunteers for Art in the Afternoon. If you are looking for a non-profit to support... with your time, your art supplies, or your $ this one is the most amazing non-profit in the world!!! Check out their website> The organization accomplishes so much healing in our world through art...supporting, healing and changing the lives of women and children surviving the horrors of domestic violence.

If you are looking for a fun afternoon ...please join me at "Art In the Afternoon" on the first Sunday in May. You will get a scrumptious lunch provided by Panda Express, you get to create cool art and you will be totally contributing to AWBW's women and children's programs. You can donate and buy tickets through this link>

Plus if you are looking for a tax deduction... for next year and you are looking for an organization with heart and soul then this one is so the one for you! Please consider giving...
If you have any questions about or email me! :-) xxx Rose