Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yippee I did it!

My card for the bleach technique, so soft and pretty! I am not sure I would want to use this technique again for a class! I was totally freaked out that the bleach would get on someone... cause I couldn't seem to get the mixture right... then I was worried about the bleach getting on other supplies... ummm it was such a risk! But when you see the results... it's like ooooooooooh I like that!

We made two watercolor rose's cards, the bleach card and a match box! Here are some pictures of my friends stamping and yippee they had fun!

Trini and Christy... putting finishing touches on their cards!

This is Roxanne... and she's posing... she wasn't going to attend and I am so glad she did!

Yahooo Fabi liked everything... and you should see her watercolor lilies... so pretty they are to die for! We are making plans to attend other classes together!

Here's Karalee... check out how pretty her Roses turned out!

MIA.. Olivia, Cathy and Cheryl & those cute, adorable boys, Sammy & Luca.... next time I will catch you stamping!
Thanks so much for attending Ladies... You Rock!