Thursday, September 10, 2009

So loving the Bear!

I have to admit I was not at all enthusiastic about the news of the Build-a-Bear when they announced it at Convention in August! Shocking ... I know. I just remember last year when they announced the Big Shot... I didn't even know what it was and I ordered it! Whew and boy am I thrilled to have my Big Shot.
Well needless to say I am totally warming up to this sweet little bear! This past week-end we made a card at our Leadership using the girl die-cut... and you should have heard the squealing of "oh look cute" as we distressed out bear's clothes and changed the shirts, put bows in her hair and talked about what we would do next time! I decided to give my card to Millie for her Birthday. I was going to drop her off on Sunday but decided I needed to keep her around a bit longer so I didn't even drop off the card until Monday because she was sooooooo cute! I don't even own the die-cut yet but believe me it's on my shopping list!
The top card is Richard's design for us and the one below is my layout... so sweet!