Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love SU!

OMG... I can hardly wait till next July when we go to convention all over again! This was my second time.. and you know when you attend something and it's amazing ... and you attend again and you think... awww it can't be as great as the first time I attended... well, I have to tell you it was and so much more!
The stage was so pretty using giant replications of our punches and stamps... love it!
So you are probably wondering about the t-shirts we made... well they turned out pretty but not exactly how I wanted! Next time, I will set them in vinegar!
We were playing 60's games, answering questions about music and news from the 60's, we tried out for the game show... but none of us were fast enough lol! We got to practice first, Richard and Kai had the best times. This guy in the picture, was so funny... perfect at staying in character. He kept saying things like "Stick to the man... relax dude... it was like being on the 70's show! We had an great time at the Flower Power Party!