Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Mover & Shaker Trades!

I have enough pictures from convention to keep my blog going for months lol ... but these Mover & Shaker trades have to be shown... they are too cute to keep to myself! I made an easel card for the trade...and so did about four other people. I particularly liked this one because I loved the colors. This card was made by Reiko Sakata, she did lots of embossing on the card... the white frame is all embossed... cool idea! The stamp set is pretty popular... you can only get it as a hostess unless you were lucky enough to pre-order it as a demonstrator.

The next easel card was made by my friend and side-line Jill Walker, yep those are real jelly bellies in the circle treat cup! I don't know how we didn't eat them all when we were installing them as we stood in line to get into convention on the registration day. lol Jill's card was a mover and a shaker cause it was an easel and then the jelly beans make it a shaker!

The last card I am featuring today is also a shaker card!  I love this one too, I don't have the stamp set yet... but it's on my wish list! Hey what's on your wish list? The stamp set is called For Everything...has 11 stamps in it! WOW
The next card was created by Marissa Jones, and I love her color choice and I am jealous because she has mastered the use of the Color Spritzer Tool. I was able to try it out at convention but just didn't get the hang of it to my satisfaction. Another tool to add to my wish-list and some nights practicing!