Friday, November 11, 2011


Yahoooo! I was able to combine two of my favorite mediums today! Watercoloring and stamping... what more could a girl ask for? This is Popcorn the Bear from the Just for You set. He's really fun cause you can color him with copics, color pencils, or watercolors. I really like the size of the image.  I used sparkling H20's ... they are so pretty but I didn't really have a red, I guess I don't use red a lot in my watercolors but I did have a box of Prang watercolors around so I used that and then I decided he needed some glitter! So I glittered the hat and the ribbon on the box... so many options! The white on the hat was made with Rock Candy Stickies and some glitter. So let me know what you like best!
Click on the title if you would like to purchase Popcorn or see the other adorable images! He is so chubby and hugable!