Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trunk Show & Class!

We hosted a Fun Stampers Journey Trunk show at my January class... whoo hoo, what fun! It's so exciting to see it all come together and see all the new product. It's fun to be able to pick it up and drool over it... that's for sure. And yep... I have a long wish list already!
We made three cards and a darlin' cookie box!
Plus Richard demoed two cards with some neat stamping techniques and showing off our beautiful new stamps, paper and bling! I was so excited I barely got any pictures and totally spaced on taking pictures of his demos... oh brother... and they were both so cute!
I promise I will do better next time lol
Richard & Gabby Garay... amazing couple

A lot of the brand spankin new stamp sets!

our Popcorn the Bear line, and new notebook boxes to store our cling stamps in... storage solved!

lots of other goodies you can't live without!

yummy bling pins and goosebumps!

are these adorable or what?

they are all watching Richard's demo intently!
So let me know if you want to host a Trunk Show at your house... or you want to come to next months fun!