Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love this Bear!

I am in love with a bear named Popcorn! He is so much fun to color and he is so irresistible and  charming. I made this card for our Pastor... his birthday was yesterday and we sang to him at church. I wrote in the inside that Birthdays remind us we are never to old for a party!
I love birthdays... some of my friends stopped keeping theirs a few years back at various ages but I am proud of my age and have no qualms about sharing my age.
Now back to stamping... lol, another thing I so love about this stampline called Popcorn the Bear is that a lot of them have a little tag of some kind with usually at least 2 phrases that can be stamped unto it... so cuteeee patooteeee!
Check out my close up of it! 
and you can pop up the tag ... sooooo cute!

You can get this set from Fun Stampers Journey, it's called "Birthday Cuddles"