Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scrap-N-Yap Trunk Show

designed by Richard Garay
I am sure you are wondering what's up with all these trunk shows. Well back in the day ... that's a long time ago lol, people would sell their wares traveling through neighborhoods and would carry everything in their trunks. As a brand new company, that's what Fun Stampers Journey is doing! We are having trunks shows in local stores, community rooms and in Hesperia at Fun Stampers Journey's headquarters. Whoo Hoo!
Today we were in Monrovia, my hometown,  at the Scrap-N-Yap on Myrtle. Besides showing the wares of the new company, Richard demos's some of our cool new products, like our hybrid inks and markers,  our silks, and of course our stamps. The really fun thing is getting to make a free make-n-take... yep that's a sweet deal, trying out some of the stuff before you buy!
The other awesome thing about a trunk show is you get to purchase the new product right then and there. Let me tell you it's so hard to resist when you see everything! I go home with new product every show.... lovin it all! The other wonderful thing about trunk shows is meeting so many creative people with a love for stamping and creating, with the same enthusiasm that I have for it! If you want to know when the next one will be... check my Facebook page or Fun Stampers Journey Facebook page... and get on our mailing list!

Richard sharing his leaves with texture

 Annette... she's a lot of fun!
Yahooo... my friend, February drove up from Torrance 
cool demo for silhouette stamps, put ink on your block, stamp into it

and look at these lovely birds in flight! see what cool ideas you can learn at a trunk show!