Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carson Rubberstamp Convention

Although this is old news... I still wanted to post some pictures about it... cause it was so awesome! Fun Stampers Journey made their debut at the Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson last weekend. And this weekend they are over in Tuscon at the Rubber stamp & Scrapbook Expo... pretty exciting. It's especially cool because people are liking our stamps, they are snatching up our cardstock and they are pre-ordering our True Fusion ink pads. I can't wait till the ink comes in because I ordered the whole set! Wait to you see all the luscious yummy colors!
Check out our color palette!
don't you just love that doily! brand new =)
It's such a dream come true to be part of this. I love the philosophy of the company... you can see it reflected in the banners behind our set up... Celebrating Family & Celebrating Friends, ... our tag line is "It's a Family Thing" <3 it!

Here's some cards we made at our March Creative Coach Meeting ... all designed by Richard Garay... founder of the company!
this box die has two lids... =)