Monday, December 3, 2012

Cookie Exchange!

This was my first year entering Richard's cookie exchange! I have to say WOW... the other entries were all pretty amazing!!! I am pretty excited about how my stuff turned out too!
The exchange had some guidelines, no chocolate chip cookies, no bar cookies, and be creative with your packaging! I don't bake much but I love to create so I jumped on in! Here are some pics of my baking extravaganza!
I bought too many supplies and I mixed up way too much dough ... there is even some still left in the refrigerator! This time I followed the recipe as written... I didn't want to take any chances!
 Whoo hoo to Andes mints ... put them on right after you pull them out of the oven so they can melt and create a pretty little icing on the top! You can find the whole recipe at
I think they turned out looking pretty good. I thought they needed vanilla but the recipe didn't call for it. They are sort of like a brownie cookie... I was thinking little marshmellows and some carmel would work on top of them too!
Now for my packaging... being a newbie I wanted to start off easy, nothing too fancy, so on black Friday I picked up some boxes at Hobby Lobby and then started thinking about what design I wanted to use. I was planning to emboss some silver snowflakes on the box but the waxy finish wouldn't let me so my design went from classy to cutesy!
I used FSJ's "Snow Buddy" to create the cutesy part. I love the snowflakes that are part of the set.

Here are some pics of the other entries!
 Richard's entry... cookies in a jar that says "Got Milk?" Love his presentation.
 Jasmine's cookies... cute snow man!

Delaine brought all her lovely boxes in this adorable sleigh! Her box... is really cute.. and I loved her gingersnap cookies... yummy!
 Linda hand painted all the dumbos and put her recipe card in the popcorn bag... she is so clever!
 These cookies were pretty popular ... they had a snicker bar in the middle! Caroline's family recipe... she sewed the cupcake toppers.
Lynn won on most impressive packaging.... she created a little village with her gingerbread houses! I should have taken a close up picture ... she glossied the windows and put snow everywhere ... really lovely!
I just realized I didn't take all the cookies photos... drat! And yep... they are all mostly eaten by now I mean come on... it's Monday already!