Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March FSJ Coach Trades

created by Juli
This last Saturday... was a blast... meeting with my Fun Stamper Journey Coaches for our monthly business meeting! Way more fun than business, plus it was a Micky Mouse Birthday surprise party for Richard!
We also have trades at our meeting, the theme was pretty easy because it was birthdays! I wanted everyone to make masculine trades but that's hard for a lot of people and I sent out the message after some people had already made theirs ... so we received a big variety!
Take a look at all these Journey Hugs!

created by Misty

created by Nikki

Created by Nancy

created by Gabby H

Created by Lindsey

Created by Lynn

Created by Anita

Created by April

Created by Andrea

Created by Monica

Created by Sharon

Created by Elena

Me & Nikki and the Birthday Boy!