Monday, April 29, 2013

Most Awesome Event Ever!!!

WOW... I was able to attend Journeylicious this weekend with Fun Stampers Journey ... my family & friends!!! I have worked a lot of events in my life and this one topped them all. It was sooooooo much fun!!! We stamped, we danced, we ate, we danced, we laughed, we danced... it was incredible for sure! I am blessed to be part of an amazing company ... that's for sure!
The project above was my favorite one of the five we created at the event! I love mixed media and this fits right in there for me! The stamp set is Beauty Wings... it should be up in the store this week! What's cool is 50% of the proceeds go to Charity Wings.
Here's a picture of one of our dances from the event!

We had special guests attend, Jeff and Stacey Caron flew in from Phoenix ... they are the President and founder of Spellbinders. Is that cool or what!? The other lady in the picture is my good friend April... she is one of our High Desert Girls! 
This is a picture of Jackie... she received a Grand Caliber from Jeff, of Spellbinders... because it was her birthday! WOW... was that ever cool!
 So many amazing things happened at this event! This was the first time FSJ went public with the Journey Coach opportunity... pretty wild... and ten people signed up right then and there, Whoo hoo with more than 10 more saying they are planning to soon! So exciting!
Next was the release of our first catalog... WOW!!!.... was that way cool to be part of history in the making! In the picture below, Richard Garay, our CEO, is proudly holding a the new catalog! This was the just the first run, just enough for all the attendees. The next run will be in May... email me if you want your own!
Below is a pic of Richard, Gabby and his seven directs... yes I am one of them! Whoo hoo... I am so blessed and thrilled!
Photo: The Journeylicious crew and gang!!

And here I am framed... I love this picture! 
Thanks for stopping by …. Now go create something fun!
Xox Rose