Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eco Art Board

Created by Rose Curtis
Last month we did an awesome trade utilizing our Eco Art Board.  What I love about this product is it's smooth surface for stamping and coloring on!
This Koi fish is definitely fun to color and it's from our ATS collection. #124 Lucky

Created by Lynn Leusch
Keep Calm and Journey On, so perfect for us... thanks Lynn! She actually used a lot of other stamps too, the new Paper Floral background stamp the bottle cap from Classic View, the bloom from Journey Blooms and one of the frames from the set Decorative Elements!  WOW Lynn, impressive!

Created by Lupe Mendoza
This stamp is from the Window Greetings set, and it has an adorable wrought iron frame around it, with a heart in the middle! The flowers are covering it.... but you can check out here in the store!

Created by Elena Montanez
Everyone loves this ATS, Shabby Chic,
one of our most popular ones. Elena stole the show with her presentation at our meeting! I will add that picture in at the end! It's gorgeous!
Created by Monica Hernandez
Monica created a lovely giant clothes pin with her ATC art board... I have it on my desk right now! Those angel wings are gorgeous!
I really like the butterfly one by Kim, it's like a little canvas with this giant butterfly flying through.
Created by Kim Lamos
Trades are so much fun because you get to see other peoples styles and mix theirs with yours. Often times I see someones trade and they have done something I would never have thought of ... so it's a learning experience too!
Created by Sharon Johnson Van Oosbree
This one by Sharon is using our Tea Time stamp set.... don't you just want to re-create this and use it for a gift with a box of your girlfriends favorite tea? You have to look at the whole stamp set cause it has the most adorable spoon that comes with it. It's why I bought the stamp set!
Created by Nikki Turnour
The one above by Nikki is using ATS #24 Wine A Bit,
the colors are very vibrant, great job on the coloring Nikki and I love how she did the background... very cool! Board Wall stamped in Whip Cream on Pomegranate so it looks like a brick wall!
This last one with the butterfly.... oh dear I can't find the info on who created it ... but it is adorable! Hopefully they will leave a comment and claim it! It's inspiring me for one of my downline meeting cards... thanks!

And here's what you were waiting for... the pic that stole the show! Richard is always telling us that presentation is everything... and it definitely is here!
gThanks for checking my blog out… Now go create something fun
xox Rose