Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Home Office

I am pretty blessed to be able to work at a job I love... creating when I can and helping a husband/wife team follow their dream!
I recently moved with the company to Phoeniz, AZ! A big change from So. California. I am getting used to the heat. I do love this desert... it's very pretty, with surprise bloomings of flower that happen unexpectedly!
I wanted to share a few pictures from the Open House we had recently. It was a lot of fun with Journey Coaches driving over from California to check out the new digs and to support our Open House. We were feeling a bit lonely ... not knowing anyone here yet, so it was awesome to have them join us!
Left to Right: Juli, Karen, April & Jennifer!
We met new friends from my Meet-up Group, and our
company friends drove all the way from Tuscon... it was a blast!
Then we were so happy to see Cindy and her niece Jordan stop by to stamp with us too! (Spellbinder Family)

left to right: Cindy, Richard (CEO of FSJ) and niece Jordan! 
My fabulous Co-workers!

left to right: Lynn, Richard & Gabby, me, & Gabby H!
I love this picture of us too... taken right before we opened the doors and let everyone in for the first time to see our new offices and warehouse! 
Ok I know... my nose looks funny but everyone else looks adorable!
Here's a few pics of the projects we made! They are all featuring the Artisan Xplorer by Spellbinders because we are now a featured partner of theirs and we carry their dies and machines... pretty cool, right?

I have to say thanks to Jill and Monica for coming over too... not sure why I can't find any pictures of them... but it really was wonderful to have them visit along with Juli, Karen, April and Jennifer. Made my heart warm!
And of course a special thanks to Gabby H, who we worked to death almost from the moment she arrived at Harbor International Airport ...clear up till when she flew out. We couldn't have done it without her. I love Gabby H.!