Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Starting the Year out Right!

WOW welcome to 2014! I started the year out right... celebrating with friends, sleeping in, creating some art, working and watching only my favorite shows! Now we know what I will be doing for the whole year!
             On Jan 4, I was blessed to attend the Journey Coach Quarterly meeting in Ranch Cucamonga, CA! We were able to first have breakfast with the President of our company and his wife, Richard & Gabby Garay. Then we traveled over to my lovely friend Jill's place, because her facilities has the perfect meeting/crafting room!

         We created our four cards that go with the Hostess Stamp set, Seasonal Jars,  which is free if you earn it at a Fun Stampers Journey Party! It was pretty fun because we added some Prismacolor coloring pencils into the mix... I love art supplies! I have a whole lunchbox full of these color pencils! After the creating part we had lunch catered by BJ's ... really yummy ribs and chicken .... I am starting to drool just thinking about it!
        But the really exciting part of our meeting was hearing from three very important people! First was Richard Garay, the president of Journey Blooms, and the inspiration and artistic creator behind Fun Stampers Journey. Richard shared a bunch of exciting news and plans for the future of our company, including an awesome new Start-up Kit!!! It will include a pretty cool rolley cart to carry everything in... yippppeeeee! I can't post a picture of it yet because we just saw a prototype of it ... but keep checking back for more details.
       Fun Stampers Journey will be at 26 shows around the USA during the year of 2014... WOW... that's a whole lot of shows... and we will be offering the Journey Coach Opportunity... WOWsers... I am soooo excited! New stamp releases every month, not stuff we want but ... stuff we have to have... oh my, I can't wait. I love the sound of that... New product I just have to have! Yep, it's awesome to be part of a brand new company!
       Next, we heard from Stacey Farneth Caron, our new Vice-President and the President of our sister Company, Spellbinders... Whoo hoo! Yep... we will soon have our very own dies to match our stamps... ummm will I miss all that fussey cutting? Probably not lol! Stacey shared with us the story of SB... which is pretty impressive... check out her blog for some awesome back stories! 
       And last to speak, but what really put the WOW factor in it for me, was our new CEO, Greg Tipsord. I was soooo impressed with his philosophy and his goals for Journey Blooms ... it's just so breathtaking to start 2014 off with so much excitement and I just have to keep saying WOW... it's going to be a great year! Journey Blooms is definitely going to flourish under the great leadership of Richard & Greg together!
Gabby H, Lynn, Gabby & Richard, Stacey, Greg & Me!

I know I am packing a lot into this post, but I wanted to share my word for 2014 with you! My word is OPEN, which means.... I am open to God, to love, to opportunity, open to change...
I am keeping my heart and mind open ... that's it in a nutshell... but I am sure lots of inner growth will come during this year with this word.
Here's a picture of me looking up and opening up for 2014!

G Thanks for checking my blog out… Now go create something fun
xox Rose