Monday, June 2, 2014

Starter Kit!

WOWsers ... if you haven't heard the Fun Stampers Journey Starter kit is pretty amazing! The first 500 founder members... yes this is the official launch of the company, get an awesome package! Yes, that means you are getting in on the ground floor of a brand new party sales company. People aren't always sure what this means but there are other names: direct sales, multilevel marketing, network marketing, "oh you mean like tupperware or Avon". Yes to all ... people often like to purchase from someone who they trust and from someone they know.
Party Plan means you have parties in your house, at a friend's house, or even at a restaurant. You craft with your friends and they love what you create so then they purchase the inks, stamps, paper etc so they can either re-create it or make something similar in the future.
So with all the internet stores... why would someone want to join a direct sales paper-crafting company? Well it's not all about the money... there's a lot of fun in creating with your friends. Plus you are joining a community of crafters and you are joining a company that is dedicated to training and catering to you.  I think we all crave friendships and a sense of community in this day of e-commerce.
I love having friends over and learning, sharing, teaching and creating all together. I get to learn new tricks of the trade, new projects, and see different techniques and different layouts with the same stamp I have etc. There is also something so endearing and addictive to have someone one "oooh and awww" over something you create. Plus getting together with my downline, my sideline, and the whole Fun Stamper Journey Family is what I love to do!
Here are some images from my challenge last week to use any stamp from the Starter Kit! A big shout out to Barbara Moore for participating in my challenge! I can't wait to see this grow as we sign-up more and more coaches! Whoo hoo... this is so exciting!
Created by Barbara Moore
Created by Rose
We both used the stamp set "Birthday Sketch" that's included in the starter kit. Click here: to see what's else is included!
I posted some pics below of other product!

Journey Grand made by Spellbinders in the starter kit! WOW!
Our rolley cart & over the shoulder bag... both part of the starter kit!

We launch in two days... OMG... it's so exciting I can hardly breathe!!!
Thanks for checking my blog out… Now go create something fun
xox Rose