Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birthday Cards!

I so love being a crafter and having crafting friends... because then when it's my birthday I get all these home cards in the mail and they all bring me such joy! I posted some of the ones I received!
Designer: Janae Van Petten
Designer: Jeannine Sargenti Grayson

Designer: Richard Garay

This was my favorite card, made by Andrew whose only 6, he hand drew the heart and cut it out all by himself! 
Designer: Andrew Garay

Matthew made the second bicycle card... so sweet of the both of them!

Designer: Elena Montanez

Designer: Nikki Turnour
Designer: Cindy Bistrow
I love this card made by Cindy... it's not a Birthday card but she used Flower Stitch... she stamped it twice so it has a shadow... so cool! Lovely card!