Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sunny Sunflowers!

I so love this months Bloom Box... and I have been using it like gangbusters! Perfect stamp for all my Virgo Birthdays ... of which I am tons of Virgo friends ... wowsers! 
The first card... I used the Silk Technique... you drop in Silks in a about 1/2" of water, the pigment floats on top of the water and you scoop it up by laying the watercolor splash sheet on top! It gives a gorgeous background! The sky looks abstract! 
The card below ... I use our gorgeous PanPastels... they are so easy to use, you just sponge up some chalk from pan with the SoftTool and brush it across the cardstock, which I stamped the background with our Hexagon Print and Clear Pigment ink, the chalk sticks like a charm to the Clear Pigment ink and I love the finished result! 

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I have a team across the US... and I host FB live meetings, I host a FB page for all my team, and a FB group for my Career Builders... I love hobbyist and career builders ... we want them all! I am sending you a virtual Sunflower... cause I love them all! Contact me for more info! 626-261-3456