Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sugar Cubes!

Super Gorgeous our Sugar Cubes! These are our new 2x2 ink pads ... straight dye ink! The Black Taffy is a different  kind of ink, kind of a hybrid so you can use it for watercoloring and/or copics!
These luscious colors come in five families of sugar! Yummy!
Basic Confectionary Sugar Cubes: Black Taffy, Powder Sugar, Nectar Stone, Gray Stuff I Vanilla Cream are their names (L to R).  The Powdered Sugar and Vanilla Cream are both pigment inks so you can use them for snowflakes and embossing, pigment ink takes a little longer to dry and are sticky!
Tangy Sugar Cubes is one of my most favorite sets... here are the names from left to right: Tangy Apple, Tangy Watermelon, Tangy Orange, Tangy Grape, Tangy Gum!
Sour Sugar Cubes: Sour Guava, Sour Pineapple, Sour Watermelon, Sour Mist and Sour Crush... swoon on the Sour Mist... love it!

Rich Sugar  Cubes: Rich Honey, Rich Tangerine, Rich Cactus, Rich Blueberry & Rich Cherry                                                                                                                                                          
Sweet Sugars: Sweet Cane, Sweet Lavender, Sweet  Banana, Sweet Pink, Sweet Blue
You can pre-order all the Sugar Cubes now... they are expected to arrive right after Thanksgiving... they coordinate with our 100 lb cardstock and you can refill them with our Sugar Drops. The cool thing about the Sugar Drops is we can use them for splattering, and/or mixing with our coming acrylic paint!  When ordering from me please add my name in the Studio Designer Box!
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