Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pics with My Friends

Gabby, Jill & Me!
CHA was definitely into social media this year and they had lots of cute photobooth opportunities. They were nice enough to send you photos and print them for you! The first pictures were taken at the Scotch booth... they had all kinds of washi tape to play with. They offered a journal tag with clippy to pin it to the photo they laminated for us. We each received our own photo which was way fun!

The next picture is from the Duck Tape Booth.. which was incredible with so many kinds of Duck tape ... every design you can imagine from Minions to sports teams to Hello Kitty and they are coming out with tons more including Mac and Cheese!
This last photo we got to dress up for lol, Elmer's glue had tons of fun for us with boa's and masks ... they even gave us a little kit with our own mask and supplies to decorate it with when we got home. Pretty generous of all three companies!
Me, Gabby & Jill

G Thanks for checking my blog out… Now go create something fun
xox Rose