Thursday, June 12, 2014

Arlington, TX!

I saw this on Facebook and fell in love with it! I am becoming such a girly girl! I love the saying and the font! 
We set up for the show today in Arlington Texas at the Great American Scrapbook Show! Richard Garay & Stacey Caron will both be teaching classes here! Whoo hoo! Come by our booth and do a make-n-take with us all!
This pic is from one of the classrooms. We were adding all the Spellbinder dies the participants will be using in the class, to a ring so they are all organized and easy to gather up after class is over! Hot tip for all of us who teach classes if  you using different dies from different sets. 

When we arrive all the pods are in our booth and we have to open them all up! They are such an easy way to set up for a show, no peg boards and not a lot of inventory restocking, which is easy peasy!
They travel pretty well and everything stays in it's place. We do take some of the heavier stuff off. This last trip we left all the metal shims on the hooks and they actually bent the hooks down. 

I love to see the magic happen, our show floor booth is gorgeous! And to see it come together from scratch is always amazing!
If you haven't heard, this is our Journey Grand which you will be receiving in your starter kit! Wow is right... Our starter kit has a value of over $500 for only $150. This is incredible. I hope you go to our website and check out all the new stuff. We will be releasing more product every month. When we launched with our website, we wanted to make sure we had everything available that we have on the site. Some of our new product hasn't even arrived yet so we haven't put it on the website. So what I am letting you know about.... is that there is soooo much more yumminess coming! Yippeeee you are going to love it all!
 Go check it all and let me know what you think... I am Coach #12