Monday, December 19, 2016

Leadership Retreat 2016

Wowsers! I am so excited to be at Leadership this year! I remember sitting in the audience at Convention thinking, "it's so not fair, I work for the company so there's no way I can be on Leadership" ... and then I was the last person announced! Whoo hoo!
I loved the whole three days and being so totally spoiled by our Company, our President and co-founder Richard & Gabby Garay!

The first night we had a lovely dinner ... and the decorations were spectacular!
Here are some photos from the first evening!

RG took all the leaders on tour of his house... the favorite room of course...his crafting room!

Don't you love our storage? Gabby stamped on all those tags and the tassels are from our Journey Days collection! YOU get a smaller container inside the large one shown here when you order! WOWsers!
All those that they are all ours...and yep the "R"s stand for Rose! lol
Such a gorgeous setting for us!
so pretty all the personalization
I love all the inspiration!
Our rooms were huge and amazing! Very close by too. Sadly I was too tired from all the fun to take advantage of the ginormous whirlpool tub... in my room!